About Reciprocity

RECIPROCITYTM is formed by two Founder Partners- Kanchan Singh Satpathy & Manish Puri. Kanchan & Manish are passionate about making a contribution in order to make a difference.

– The Practice Of Exchanging Things With Others For Mutual Benefit

We all know what RECIPROCITYTM means. The fortunate few know how to practice this in their lives. This forum is for those people. We are a business that’s about this large hearted phenomenon called RECIPROCITYTM where Business Owners, Professionals & Corporates come together to leverage each other’s business matrix & impact each other favorably & hence themselves too. We are selective & proud to be so as we understand our responsibility towards you. Our responsibility lies in our vision & that is-

– To Be INDIA’s Best Answer To Facilitate Quality Business

We will realize our vision by facilitating creation of profitable relationships for Business Communities by bringing in QUALITY PROFESSIONALS & further leverage their business matrix towards multiplying members & business.